Restoration Specialty Cleaners can remove smoke odors and soot from a wide variety of textiles such as, stuffed toys, leather, bedding, rugs, fabrics, garments, and draperies. Our restoration procedures eliminate odors instead of masking them guaranteeing that no residual odors will be present at the jobs conclusion.

Restoration Specialty Cleaners is extremely adept and a leader in the very specialized restoration of textiles and garments damaged by mold contamination. State of the art equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE) are used, containment procedures are strictly enforced by our technicians to ensure the health and safety of both our technicians and the inhabitants of the affected area.

Restoration Specialty Cleaners having successfully abated and restored hundreds of jobs for more than 20 years puts our customers at ease.

24 hours a day, 365 days a year, Restoration Specialty Cleaners are on call to assist you in the resolution of any emergency water damage including sewage or Blackwater damaged textiles. Our systems ensure that not only will the loss be reduced promptly and professionally, but a higher chance of having the textiles restored.

Safety and health concerns always dictate our procedures to assure the peace of mind.  Molds, mildew and fungi can also be eliminated completely through specialized prompt service and processing..